Wessex Chemical Blue Bio Toilet Fluid Treatment 5 Litre

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Wessex Chemical Blue Bio Toilet FluidTreatment 5 Litre

MPN: WP0901-5


5 Litre Wessex Blue Bio toilet fluid is a newgeneration, multi-purpose, blue toilet fluid primarily for cassettewaste tanks and flush tanks in caravans, motorhomes and portablecamping toilets and marine and boat applications.

Blue Bio toilet fluid is also suitable for usein septic tanks, boat holding tanks and grey water tanks (where theblue dye isnt an issue).

Blue Bio is a very green toilet fluid,but is blue in colour.

Our mission was to create a portable toiletfluid that was as environmentally friendly as possible withoutcompromising on performance.

For a start Blue Bio toilet fluid works reallyrather well.

We found a way to increase the amount of wasteand odour consuming natural bacteria in the product without makingthe price unsavoury.

Combine that with the small dilution rate andwere hoping its an offer you cant refuse.

We made it multi-purpose so you can use it inthe waste and flush tank, holding tank, grey water tank and septictank.

Therefore avoiding the need to buy multiple,seperate products.

That could save you significant sums of moneyand takes less space in the storage cupboard.

Blue Bio toilet fluid cleans the flush tank,keeping it mould and limescale free.

Its been made with a blue food grade dyebecause it hides waste better than green or purple and itswashable so it doesnt stain clothing and carpetspermanently.

Also smells nice too.

We put Blue Bio toilet fluid into a handydosing bottle, so you can dose your tanks accurately, with lessfuss and mess.

This means you will get loads of doses out ofthe 1 litre bottle.

Blue Bio toilet fluid works with mother natureto breakdown waste whether its in your caravan, motorhome, boat orin the sewage plant.

Blue Bio toilet fluid is formaldehyde,glutaraldehyde and biocide free unlike many harmful substancescontained in many toilet fluids

Works with natural bacteria to breakdownsewage.

This greatly reduces its impact on theenvironment and brings disposal costs down associated with chemicaldisposal.

Its non-hazardous and 100% biodegradable,making it the friendly chemical toilet fluid that works!

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