Aquaseal Marine

Our Aquaseal marine range brings you specialist sealant and adhesive products for the marine environment, right to your fingertips. Manufactured by the industry leader in sealant and adhesives, Everbuild, these solutions are designed to withstand this uniquely demanding environment. They are ideal for boat owners and those who regularly work at sea, providing safety and peace of mind as well as extending the lifespan of your vehicle.

Shop for the right Aquaseal marine range product here today. All of the products here are designed to provide exceptional resistance to salt-water exposure, UV exposure, and severe weather conditions. They offer a strong bond on a variety of substrates, including aluminium, glass, chrome, and stainless steel. And, they come with the backing of a well-renowned and respected brand too. You'll find a universal marine grade sealant that uses polyurethane technology for high-performance results. We have some high-strength options to help with structural and dynamically stressed applications and specialist decking caulk to seal timber. The products available here are available, either as large tubs for rapid use or in sealant cartridges that can be used with most standard cartridge guns too. And, with their easy application and high-performance service, these products will help you make the most out of your boat today.

At Sealants and Tools Direct, we bring specialist products right to your fingertips. If you have any questions, cannot find what you're looking for, or would like to speak to a member of the team, please do get in contact here today.

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