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Wynns Car Engine Oil Flush Cleaner 51265

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Wynns Car Engine Oil Flush Cleaner 51265
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Wynns Car Engine Oil Flush Cleaner 51265

Wynns Engine Oil Flush Cleaner 51265

Wynns Car Oil Engine Flush Cleaner

Product Option: 51265

Barcode: 5411693512650

Product Description:

Wynn's 51265 Engine Flush a highly concentrated detergent.

Designed from the ground up to clean engines internally in preparation for the new oil change.

Quickly and efficiently dissolves varnish and removes sludge and other contaminant deposits from vital engine parts.

Stops contamination of new engine oil.

Using engine flush is an important part of an oil service, the old contaminated oil degrades the new oils quality.


Cleans engines internally.

Removes harmful deposits

Neutralises acid build ups.

Provides friction proofing during treatment.

Frees sticking internal engine components.

Quietens noisy hydraulic valve lifters.


Bring engine to operating temperature, switch off engine and add contents to engine using a funnel, start engine and run on idle for 20 minutes. while engine is still warm drain crankcase into an oil pan, now change oil filter stubborn oil filters can be removed with a oil filter chain or oil wrench filter remover, replace oil filter but first smear a little fresh oil on the rubber seal of the new oil filter to prevent damage to the seal then refill with fresh engine oil.

One can is sufficient to treat 3 to 6 litres of oil capacity.

Compatible with all mineral and synthetic engine oils.

Safe to use with catalytic converters and turbo chargers.

Always read the instructions only use as directed.


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425ml can