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Soudal is one of Europe’s leading independent manufacturer of Silicones, sealants, Expanding Pu Foams and adhesives. Soudal is a quality brand renowned all over the world.

The company, was established in 1966 by Mr. Vic Swerts, Soudal proudly remains family owned and independent company.


Soudal Web Site


Soudal has a large range of Silicone Sealants, adhesives and expanding foam products

these cover the requirements for industrial work, site work, and Diy applications.

Also Soudal have brought in a quality range of aerosol and cleaning products


New Ral Colours Coming in the Soudal Range in the Very Near Future.


Ral 1004 Golden Yellow, Ral 1020 Olive Yellow, Ral 3032 Pear Ruby Red,

Ral 5005 Signal Blue, Ral 5017 Traffic Blue, Ral 5026 Pear Night Blue,

Ral 6004 Blue Green, Ral 7002 Olive Grey, Ral 7034 Yellow Grey,

Ral 7037 Dusty Grey, Ral 7046 Telegrey 2, Ral 9003 Signal White,

Ral 9004 Signal Black, Ral 9005 Jet Black.

Take a look at the Demonstration how to Video's below:

Demonstration Video on how to use Expanding foam with a Gun.



Demonstration Video on How to use hand held Expanding foam from the can.



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