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Sika SikaLevel 30 Latex Ultra Self Levelling Resurfacing Compound SKLEV30ULT25

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Sika SikaLevel 30 Latex Ultra Self Levelling Resurfacing Compound SKLEV30ULT25
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Sika SikaLevel 30 Latex Ultra Self Levelling Resurfacing Compound


Sika SikaLevel 30 Latex Ultra Self Levelling Compound SKLEV30ULT25

SikaLevel 30 Latex Ultra Lay Self Levelling Resurfacing Compound


Barcode: 5055047210726

Sikalevel 30 has been replaced with a

Direct replacement product Sikalevel 131

This is the product that will be dispatched

SikaLevel 30 Latex Ultra is a ultra high strength high performance,

Latex modified cement based powder, which when mixed with water,

can be used to level out uneven floors and screeds internally.

It is also suitable for some exterior applications such as sheltered balconies

and walkways, prior to laying ceramic tiles, slabs and natural stone.

SikaLevel 30 Latex Ultra can be overlaid with common floor coverings

or left as a final wearing surface.

Sika Level 30 Latex Ultra will even accept light vehicular traffic.

May be applied in one coat from 2 to 10mm in depth (25mm when filled).

Typical surfaces include concrete and screed, existing unglazed ceramic tiles,

brick, stone etc.

When mixed as directed, the compound provides a free flowing mix that

may be walked on in 2-3 hours and can be overlaid with ceramic tiles after only

3 hours at normal temperatures.

Important Note:

when overlaying with other floor coverings allow 24 hours drying time

for each 10mm depth.

Typical Uses:

For levelling and smoothing concrete and screed floors where a heavy duty

floor topping is required.

Features and Benefits:

Fast setting, foot trafficable within 2 hours, can be tiled within 3 hours

Interior & exterior use

Can withstand vehicular traffic

Final wearing coat,


Water and frost resistant

Application depth 2-10mm

Instructions for Use:

Preparation of Substrate:

Wet or humid rooms, such as bathrooms, SikaLevel-30 Latex Ultra should be

covered with a damp proofing membrane such as SikaBond Rapid DPM.

Switch off any underfloor heating systems 24 hours before and after application.

Ensure floor temperature is 5 Deg C.

Floors to be treated must be free from grease, dust and loose particles.

Existing concrete screeds must be a minimum of 4 weeks old before applying

this product.

Always prepare floors by dampening with water then priming with PVA diluted

1 part PVA to 3 parts water to give a sound, slightly damp surface.

Internally surfaces should be primed using Everbuild PVA Bond.

Externally surfaces must be primed using Everbuild SBR Bond.

Always See Datasheet regarding priming.

Product Application:

Read Product Datasheet.


25kg of Sika-Level-30 mixed with 5 litres of water will cover approximately 5m2

at a depth of 3mm depending on substrate .


Sika SKLEV30ULT25 Official Information:

Sikalevel 30 Technical Data Sheet

Sikalevel 30 Safety Data Sheet

Sika Level 30 DOP Declaration of Performance

Sika Everbuild Manufacturer Product Page

"Important Note this is a non returnable product "

while in our care all products are kept in a climate controlled store room.

because this is a reactive product we could not resell the product.

The Product should be stored out of direct sunlight until used.


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