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Sika Setting Sand Narrow Joint Filler Buff 40 Bag Pallet Deal

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Sika Setting Sand Narrow Joint Filler Buff 40 Bag Pallet Deal
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Sika Setting Sand Block Paving Narrow Joint Filler SKSANDBF20

40 Bag pallet Deal


Sika Setting Sand Instructional Video

Sika Setting Sand Block Paving Narrow Joint Filler 20Kg

Trade Pallet Deal: SKSANDBF20-40 40 Bags

Faster than traditional methods Sika Setting Sand can Simply be swept into

the joints before being saturated with water giving perfect pointing for all

types of block paving.

Once cured it will not wash out,

shrink or crack over time.

Typical Uses:

For narrow joints 2-5mm wide min. 25mm deep

For pointing of all types of block paving - drives, paths, patios etc.


Easy to use - just brush in and water.

Faster than traditional pointing methods.

Dries hard but flexible.

Will not wash out once cured.

Resists both weed growth and ants.

Compatible with Sika Block Paving Seal surface sealer that enhances the

look of block paving while blocking Fuel & Oil spills.


Joints must be dry, free from dirt, debris or weeds.

Pour & sweep material into the joints making sure each joint is completely

filled and the material compacted by tapping the joint or blocks

Thoroughly soak the joints with a hose pipe set to spray or a watering can

fitted with a rose.

do not leave sand on the surface of the blocks,

The Sika Setting Sand finished surface is safe to walk upon immediately

after activation but ideally should be left to dry.

Drying will typically take 1-2 days, but full curing may take up to 28 days

depending on weather conditions.

Leave a minimum of 28 days before pressure washing.

Now seal and protect your lovely new, or recently repointed, paving with

Sika Block Paving Sealer.

Approximate Consumption:

It may be worth while to conduct a small trial area too accurately ascertain

coverage rate as usage is very hard to calculate

Product Documents:

Sika Setting Sand Technical Data Sheet

Sika Setting Sand MSDS Safety Data Sheet

Manufacturer Sika Setting Sand Product Page

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"Important Note this is a non returnable product "

while in our care all products are kept in a climate controlled store room.

because this is a reactive product we could not resell the product.

The Product should be stored out of direct sunlight or covered until used.


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40 x 20Kg bags Pallet Deal
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