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Sika Sikasil Pool Chlorine Resitant Silicone Sealant White Grey

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Sika Sikasil Pool Chlorine Resitant Silicone Sealant White Grey
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Sika Sikasil Pool Chlorine Resitant Silicone Sealant White Grey

Sika Sikasil Swimming Pool Silicone Sealant White Grey

Sika Sikasil Pool Chlorine Resitant Silicone Sealant

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Sikasil Pool Neutral Curing Silicone Sealant

Areas of Application:

Sikasil Pool is suitable for joints around swimming pools, and areas frequently wet,

such as shower rooms in sports halls or leisure facilities, between ceramics,

tiles, concrete, glass, metals and other typical building substrates.

This product is suitable for professional experienced applicators only.

Test with actual substrates and conditions have to be performed to ensure

adhesion and material compatibility.

Product Benefits and Resistance:

High tear resistance


High elasticity and flexibility

Very high water resistance

High chlorine resistance typically required in swimming pool areas.

High resistance to disinfecting solutions

Extremely high resistance to fungal attack

Excellent UV and weathering

For permanent water immersion applications

use the Stayseal 75 - 2 Part Epoxy Sealant.

Cure Mechanism:

Sikasil Pool cures by reaction with atmospheric moisture the reaction starts

at the surface and proceeds to the core of the joint.

The curing speed depends on the relative humidity and the temperature.

Heating Sikasil Pool to speed up the polymerization is not advisable as it may

lead to bubble formation.

At low temperatures the moisture content of the air is lower and the

curing reaction proceeds more slowly.

Porous substrates such as concrete, tiles and other cement based surfaces

must be clean, dry and homogenous and free from oils and grease.

Pourus surfaces must have the dust and loose or friable particles removed prior

to priming with Sika Primer 3N.

Sika Everbuild Official Information:

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