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Sika Sikabond MS Wood Floor Flooring Adhesive 14kg SKBDMSFL14

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Sika Sikabond MS Wood Floor Flooring Adhesive 14kg SKBDMSFL14
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Sika Sikabond MS Wood Floor Flooring Adhesive 14kg SKBDMSFL14

Sika Sikabond MS Wood Floor Flooring Adhesive 14kg SKBDMSFL14

Sika Sikabond MS Wood Floor Flooring Adhesive 14kg

Product Option: SKBDMSFL14

Barcode: 5055492700902

Description and Uses:

SikaBond MS Wood Floor is a high quality, trowel applied adhesive for bonding wooden floors to all common building substrates whilst remaining permanently elastic thus accommodating differential movement associated with changing climatic conditions.

The formulation is completely water and solvent free thereby eliminating the possibility of wooden block and planks warping or cupping due to VOCââ'¬â"¢s.

Sikabond MS has an open time of approximately 60 minutes this makes this product also ideal for larger areas and ease of adjustability.


Will not cause warpage or curling of wooden blocks and planks.

Bonds directly to all common subfloor materials concrete, wood, metal, ceramic tiles, vinyl, and most natural stone floors.

Suitable for use with under floor heating

Excellent gap filling properties for uneven surfaces

Full bed elastic product gives excellent sound dampening acoustic properties

Isocyanate Free


Do not use directly over bitumen or asphalt floors, or substrates that bleed oil or plasticizers.

Do not use, store or allow to cure below +5oC.

Do not use on wet substrates.

Ensure substrate is completely dry or SikaBond Rapid DPM has been applied.

Do not use damp proof membranes over Anhydrite / Calcium Sulphate or other Gypsum based screeds.

This product is only suitable for direct applications to clean, dry subfloors where moisture levels are below that required by the wood flooring manufacturer. If in doubt apply SikaBond Rapid

Ensure conditions are suitable for the installation of wood flooring.

Surface Preparation:

Always check moisture level of subfloor with suitable equipment and ensure that the moisture content is <2% CM or in the case of Gypsum based screed <0.5% CM.

On cement based substrates where moisture levels are above 2%CM but below 5%CM install a liquid applied damp proof membrane such as SikaBond Rapid DPM.

All surfaces must be sound, clean, dry and free from dust, grease or other contaminants that can reduce adhesion.

Existing floors must be free from all polish and wax.

Residues of old adhesive not being isolated with Sika Primer-MB or SikaBond Rapid DPM must be removed mechanically as they may affect adhesion.

Always check and record moisture content of subfloor.

Basement/below ground floors must be adequately protected with a damp proof course and two coats of SikaBond Rapid DPM.

Further Preparation:

Turn off any underfloor heating systems 48hours before and 48 hours after applying the adhesive.

Ensure that wood flooring is acclimatised in strict accordance with wood flooring manufacturerââ'¬â"¢s requirements.


Always check with flooring manufacturer re: any specific instructions/requirements specifically


Spread the adhesive uniformly on the sub-floor with a suitable notched trowel at no less than 0.6kg/m2.

Do not spread more adhesive than can be covered within 20 minutes.

Place wood in position whilst adhesive is still wet, press firmly and evenly across the wood surface to ensure complete contact with the adhesive.

Ensure you leave a 12-15 mm expansion gap along the walls and around protrusions to allow for the natural expansion of the wood.

Floor can be trafficked sanded or coated after 24 hours (+23

°C / 50% r. h.)

Non-absorbent surfaces will take longer to cure

Use any opened material within 2 weeks.

If a small skin is present under plastic disc of opened bucket, please discard and trowel remaining product as detailed. This will not affect the quality of the product.


Fresh, uncured adhesive remaining on the wood surface must be removed immediately and if necessary cleaned with Everbuild wonder Wipes.

Sika Datasheets:

Sikabond MS MSDS Safety Data Sheet

Sikabond MS Technical Data Sheet

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