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Q Oil Q10 Penetrating Oil Silicone Free 150ml

Ref: QR28492
Q Oil Q10 Penetrating Oil Silicone Free 150ml
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Q Oil Q10 Penetrating Oil Silicone Free 150ml

Q Oil Q10 Penetrating Oil Silicone Free 150ml

Q Oil Q10 Silicone Free Penetration Oil

Product Option: 150ml Aerosol Spray

Barcode: 6001690300023

Q10 is a fast acting, penetrating rust solvent and release agent

Used for the removal of rusted or seized nuts, bolts, pipe fittings etc.

"Why waste time, just apply Q10 and let it work for you"

Any mechanical device containing fixings such as nuts and bolts that can be prone to the effects of rust and
grime - These corrosive substances can cause seizures which often result in time consuming costly repairs
and part replacements.

Q10 is a Quick acting oil that penetrates those components ensures smooth running machinery and
prevention of further corrosion and breakages.

Q10 breaks down rust and removes grease, dust, dirt and sludge. It is an essential tool for garages and workshops.

Suitable for use on gauges, instruments, locks, and power tools and can aid maintenance of plumbing and pipework fittings.

Q10 is silicone free like its big brother Q20 Lubricant and is safe to use on paint work.

As with all Q Oil aerosols it has the 360Ëš valve to enable the can to be used upside down to stop just the gas
coming out and the can being left with wasted product as theres no propellent left.

q10 uses

After using the Q10 now for a few days, I am and my colleagues are of the opinion that it is the best
penetrating oil we have ever used. It does do what it says in your sales literature, it breaks down rust and
grime quickly to free up threads on nuts and bolts. The environment which we work in is very harsh in the
offshore industry so the plant and machinery are greatly affected by the weather, giving us problems with
corrosion. We have tested Q10 on some High Pressure Gas Flanges where very high tightening torques
are involved. After spraying the bolts with it, they literally turned off by hand after the torque tightening
tool had cracked them off with the hydraulic pressure. I can`t speak highly enough of your product, suffice
to say I am telling all the Maintenance Superintendents to order us some up as soon as they can. Will
distribute your leaflets to all. One of the lads changed his Anti-roll bars on his BMW X5 last night in the
Nigg shipyard, he couldn`t believe how easy they came off after he sprayed them with Q10!
Barry Whittaker Bluewater-offshore


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