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Nitromors Paint Varnish Remover Stripper 375ml

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Nitromors Paint Varnish Remover Stripper 375ml
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Manufacturer: Nitromors


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Nitromors Paint Varnish Remover Stripper 375ml





Nitromors Paint Varnish Remover Stripper

Product Option: 375ml 1390044

Barcode: 5010305004400

Product Description:

Nitromors fast acting new formula Paint and varnish remover stripper is excellent at stripping layers of paint, varnish and lacquer.

Green coloured gel is easy to see and apply, gives superior coverage.

Slow to evaporate so it reduces the need for re-application .

New double strength formula strips up to twice the paint layers. Ideal for wood, metal and masonry.

Non-drip gel making it ideal for vertical surfaces.

This paint and varnish remover is dichloromethane free, meaning that it is less volitile and will stay active for longer compared to other dichloromethane based removers.

Nitromose is Water and solvent washable.

Suitable for removing multiple coats of paint, varnish, cellulose, polyurethane, emulsion, French Polish, lacquer and

textured finishes from wood, metal, glass or plaster.

New formula Strypit works best when applied liberally and allowed to penetrate after two applications.

The gel can be used effectively on vertical surfaces.


Dab on with a Brush allow to blister this will provide a “key”.

Dab on a second application liberally after 10 minutes 2 to 3mm and leave for a further 40 minutes if it dries out re-apply.

Test with a knife before using a scraper or shavehook to ensure the paint is completely penetrated.

The paint or varnish should now be free from the surface and easy to remove.

Wash down with a detergent in water using a nylon scouring pad or wash down with white spirit and wire wool.

Allow to dry completely and finish with an abrasive sand paper or wire wool.



375ml will remove approximately 1 to 2 square meters.


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