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Fiskars, produce ergonomic functional designs coupled with innovative technology. With items like Chopping Axes and Ceramic Sharpeners, we here at Sealants and Tools Direct have you covered on the Fiskars range for the heavy duty wood work.


Fiskars began life as an ironworks in a small Finnish village int the Phoja region. Established since the 17th century (Circa. 1649 to be exact) They are one of the oldest businesses in the world and have lasted for very good reason.



Fiskars axe products are ergonomic, lightweight, yet powerful garden tools and designed to reduce strain and fatigue. They have grown over the centuries to be a leading global supplier of sharpened products for the home, garden and outdoors. And now the leading garden tools brand in the UK!!!


Fiskars believe that all things, even the simplest, can be made better and smarter, the range of axes is a true evolution of craftsmanship. Made from the ground up for one strike splits even the thickest logs.


Ergonmically superior to other products and a finish that's complemented by a light sturdy durable Fiber Composite handles and shaft's giving perfect weighted balance.

Check out these handy Videos below for some maintenance advice.

Fiskars Axe and Sharpener Video Demonstration:


How to sharpen your axe using the Fiskars Sharpener
How to split logs with one hit - Fiskars
Fiskars new chopping and splitting Axe X21
Fiskars show How to safely chop logs

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