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Faithfull Carpenters Hand Plane & Square 5pc Set FAICARPSET

Ref: QR28737
Faithfull Carpenters Hand Plane & Square 5pc Set FAICARPSET
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Faithfull Carpenters Hand Plane & Square 5pc Set FAICARPSET - Additional Image
Faithfull Carpenters Hand Plane & Square 5pc Set FAICARPSET - Additional Image


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Faithfull Carpenters Hand Plane & Square 5pc Set FAICARPSET

Faithfull Carpenters Plane & Square 5pc Set XMS18PLANE5

Faithfull Carpenters Hand Plane & Square 5pc Set

Product Option: FAICARPSET

Barcode: 5023969232423

The Faithfull 5 Piece Carpenters Tool Set

Demonstration Video:

Supplied in a wooden lacquered Presentation Box.

This carpenters woodworking kit provides tradesmen and craftsmen with 5 of the most commonly used items in woodworking.

Product Details:

Traditional No.4 Smoothing Plane

60.1/2 Block Plane

230mm Try Square

230mm Sliding Bevel

Mortice and Marking Gauge

Faithfull No 4 Smoothing Plane:

Traditional bench plane.

Suitable for both hard and soft woods.

50mm - 2 inch quality cutter.

Overall length 254mm - 10 inch.

Hardwood handle and knob for comfort.

Precision machined for accurate adjustment.

This plane is made from the finest iron casting which is precision ground and furnished with seasoned hardwood handles, brass adjustment screws and a high quality steel plane iron blade, which can be finely adjusted for depth of cut, and easily removed for sharpening.

Faithfull 60 1/2 Deg Block Plane:
Accurately machined fine grey iron casting.

35mm - 1.3/8 inch wide plane iron, set at the low angle of 13 1/2 Deg

Ideal for end grain and plastic laminates.

Fully adjustable depth of cut.

Adjustable mouth: Wide for coarse work, Narrow for fine shaving.

At the front of the plane there is a sliding section of the body which is called the mouth.

The width of the mouth is easily adjusted by loosening the brass knob and adjusting the steel slide.

This opens or closes the mouth gap between the blade and the body. The finer the work, the smaller the gap you need.

The plane iron is of a high quality steel and is easily removed for sharpening.

Faithfull 230mm 9inch Try Square:

Hardwood stock.

Twin faced with heavy gauge brass.

Black spring steel blade.

3 Brass rivet fixing for lasting accuracy.

High specification try square to ensure accurate marking at 90 Deg

This 230mm 9 inch square has a traditional blued steel sprung blade which is attached to a seasoned hardwood handle by 3 solid brass rivets.

The internal edge of the handle is faced with a thick strip of solid brass to provide long lasting accuracy.

Where this square differs from most on the market is that the external edge is also faced with a thick strip of solid brass, thus ensuring accuracy on external measurements.

Faithfull FAISB9 Sliding Bevel 230mm 9 inch.

Quality hardwood stock, finely machined and shaped with brass end caps.

The blued spring steel blade can be locked in position by means of a brassed wing nut.

Length: 230mm 9 inch.

FAIRMORT Mortice Gauge - Slide Adjustment

A high quality gauge made from the finest hardwood, and enhanced with brass facing plates and fittings.

Nylon friction pad is fitted under the knurled brass thumbscrew to reduce wear to the stem and to ensure secure, smooth and accurate setting of the gauge.

This dual purpose gauge is used for laying out mortices and for marking out with the grain.

The second pin is used for mortice work can be accurately set by means of the pullslide.

Lacquered Wood Presentation Storage box:

This professional set is supplied in a wooden Lacquered presentation case with

green textured lining all tools fit securely into this Toolbox.

Tools covered by the Faithfull 5 year guarantee.


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