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Everbuild 201 Mortar Admix Plasticiser 5 Litre AD5L Admixture

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Everbuild 201 Mortar Admix Plasticiser 5 Litre AD5L Admixture
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Everbuild 201 Mortar Admix Plasticiser 5 Litre AD5L Admixture

Everbuild 201 Mortar Admix Plasticiser 5 Litre AD5L Admixture

Product Option: 5 Litre AD5L

Barcode: 5029347002152

Everbuild 201 Mortar Admix Plasticiser

201 EVERBUILD MORTAR ADMIXTURE is an liquid plasticising air entraining admixture which forms extremely stable air bubbles in mortar mixes.

The Everbuild 201 admix improves workability and freeze-thaw resistance in brick laying mortars, reduces the need for lime and smoothes out variations between separate batches of sand and cement.

Areas For Use

Load bearing brickwork

Block laying

External and Internal rendering

Pointing and repointing brickwork.

Everbuild 201 Benefits:

Outperforms traditional Vinsol Resin Based plasticisers (See Technical Data Sheet)

Contains a special additive which keeps air in the mix longer than most other competitive admixtures.

Improves trowel-ability.

Easier tamping down and alignment.

Improves workability.

Provides resistance to freeze-thaw cycling down to -2oC in both wet and dry mortar.

Chloride free - chloride ion content <0.1%.

Reduces bleeding.

Replaces lime in mix, hence reduces possibility of lime bloom and efflorescence.

Important Notes:

Do not use in structural concrete.

Do not overdose.

Do not mix with other additives in same gauging water.

Do not use in lime based mixes


In all cases, add to mix at an addition rate of 150ml to 250ml per 50kg cement , depending on the degree of plasticising/entrainment required. Note: remember to reduce required quantity of water

accordingly. One litre of MORTAR ADMIX added to a 200ltr drum of gauging water will be sufficient for gauging approx. 4 x 50kg cement for mortar or render mixes. Whilst overdosing should be avoided, this formulation does safeguard against moderate overdosing.

(up to double the maximum rate).

"The following are examples of modified mix designs."

1: 0.25 :3

cement : lime : sand.

use 1 : 3

cement : sand : + MORTAR ADMIX.

1:1:6 cement : lime : sand.

use 1 : 6

cement : sand + MORTAR ADMIX.

BRICKLAYING/POINTING Use a mix design appropriate to brick strength

(1 : 3

to 1 : 6).




Everbuild Datasheets:

Everbuild 201 Mortar Admix Technical Data Sheet

Everbuild 201 Mortar Admix Safety Data Sheet

Everbuild 201 DOP Declaration of Performance

Everbuild 201 Manufacturer Product page


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