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Everbuild After Tile

Everbuild After Tile a range of products designed to be used on existing and new projects


Everbuild After Tile Tile and Grout Impregnating Sealer has been specially developed to provide effective protection on natural stone, cementitious substrates, grout, marble, terracotta and much more. Designed to penetrate deep into the pores the the stone, the sealer


Everbuild After Tile Porcelain and Marble Impregnating Sealer invisibly protects unpolished porcelain, marble and other porous tiles both internally and externally.


Everbuild After Tile Heavy Duty Tile Cleaner is a high performance concentrated cleaner for use on most types of tiled walls and floors. The product can be used for the removal of general dirt, grime, grease and soap scum.


After Tile Mould Remover Spray is the quick and easy way to remove mould, fungus and algae from bathrooms, showers and kitchens where black stains can accumulate due to high humidity. This powerful spray cleaner works on glazed tiles, grout, sanitary ware, shower areas etc.


Everbuild After Tile Grout Film and Tile Adhesive Remover is a citric based formula designed to remove wet and cured grout, adhesive residue, limescale and cement film on newly laid or existing wall and floor tiles, without causing damage to the grout or tiles.


After Tile Tile Restorer is an easy to apply polymer based emulsion for restoring the original appearance and sheen to dull tile surfaces. Ideal for use on most common types of porous tiles including travertine, slate, limestone, brick, terrazzo and stone


After Tile Grout Reviver is a high quality grout reviver formulated to restore tired grout to it’s original colour. Available in White, Ivory and Grey.

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