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Everbuild After Tile Grout Film & Tile Adhesive Remover ATGRTFREM1

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Everbuild After Tile Grout Film & Tile Adhesive Remover ATGRTFREM1
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Everbuild After Tile Grout Film & Tile Adhesive Remover ATGRTFREM1




Everbuild After Tile ATGRTFREM1


Everbuild After Tile Grout Film & Tile Adhesive Remover Cleaner

Product Option: 1 Litre ATGRTFREM1

Barcode: 5029347613853

Grout Film Remover Cleaner concentrate

A citric acid based formula designed for the removal of wet and cured grout, limescale, tile adhesive residue and cement film on newly laid and existing glazed floor and wall tiles

This is done without causing damage to the grout or tiles.

Grout Film Remover dissolves cleans and removes ingrained dirt and unlike hydrochloric acid based products it can be safely used on most metal surfaces such as tools and tiling equipment.

Grout Film and tile adhesive Remover is a highly concentrated formula that can be diluted up to 10 times with water dependent on the levels of deposits on the tiles.

It is a safe product for transport and storage and is also fully biodegradable.



High performance, concentrated tile cleaner.

Removes wet or cured grout, limescale, adhesive residue and cement based adhesives from porous and non-porous tiles.

Biodegradable, safer formula.

Easily removes ingrained dirt without damaging the grout.

Ideal for use on walls, floors and tools.

For interior and exterior use.


Where to use:

Bathroom walls and Floors.

Kitchen areas.

Shower areas etc.

External tiled areas.


Product Limitations:

Do not use on Marble, granite or travertine.

Do not use on coloured cement based grouts.

Do not use on soft metals such as lead brass, copper or aluminium

Avoid splashes or spills on sensitive surface such as brass, copper, stainless steel and aluminium.



Always wear suitable latex rubber gloves.

Mask off surrounding areas to avoid splashes or spills particularly in areas where soft metals are present such as brass, copper, anodised trims and lead.

For removing general dirt grime and light grout films, dilute 1 part Grout Film Remover to 9 parts water and apply using a cloth or sponge. Wipe using a clean cloth or sponge with fresh water.

For heavier grout film deposits, medium adhesive and cement residues dilute 1 part Grout Film Remover to 2 parts water and apply as above.

Dilute 1-1 where heavier adhesive deposits of adhesive or cement are present. Clean with fresh water.

Use neat for cleaning tools and equipment.

For all applications always clean surfaces with fresh water after application of Grout Film Remover.



"Please read the Technical date sheet above for full details"

Always test a small inconspicuous area prior to full application


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1 Litre