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Stixall Multi Purpose Wall & Floor Adhesive White 4kg STIXWFWE4

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Stixall Multi Purpose Wall & Floor Adhesive White 4kg STIXWFWE4
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Stixall Multi Purpose Wall & Floor Adhesive White 4kg STIXWFWE4




Stixall Wall & Floor Adhesive White 4kg STIXWFWE4


Stixall Multi Purpose Wall & Floor Adhesive White 4kg

Barcode: 5029347614508

Product Code: STIXWFWE4

Stixall Wall and Floor is a multi-purpose high specification, trowel applied adhesive for bonding virtually any substrates and materials.

It is ideal for many uses including bonding wood floor, tiles, lino, vinyl, hygienic panels etc to porous or non-porous substrates.

Based on the latest hybrid Polymer technology Stixall Wall & Floor is totally water and solvent free with extremely high bond strength, even in wet or damp conditions.

With an extended open time of up to 30 minutes this product is ideal for large areas giving ease of adjustability.



Can be applied to wet or damp surfaces.

Solvent and water free – will not cause warpage or curl of wood blocks planks.

Permanently flexible.


Adheres to most common building substrates.


Excellent gap filling properties for uneven surfaces.

Full bed elastic product gives excellent sound deadening acoustic properties.



Areas Stixall Wall and Floor Adhesive can be used:

Ideal for bonding of various materials to walls or floors vertical or horizontal, for example tiles, brick, plasterboard, stone, concrete, PVC, wood, vinyl, metal, synthetics to porous or non-porous substrates e.g. concrete, cement, plasterboard, tiles, wood floor, lino, vinyl, hygienic panels etc.

Will not bond to PE, PP and PTFE.


Surface Preparation:

All surfaces must be clean sound and dust free prior to application. Remove any loose, friable material with a suitable scraper or wire brush.

If a primer is required use EVERBUILD LUMBERJACK MB PRIMER

or Sika Bond Rapid DPM as directed.



Open tub. Spread evenly onto substrate with a suitable notched trowel at no less than 0.5kg/m².

Do not spread more adhesive than can be covered within 30 minutes.

Place material into position whilst adhesive is still tacky within 30 minutes.

Removing uncured adhesive on surfaces and tools with EVERBUILD MULTI USE WONDER WIPES.

Caution – on flooring, test compatibility with lacquer finished blocks first.

Provide temporary support on vertical applications until adhesive has dried.

Floor may be sanded trafficked 24 hours after application, depending on site conditions this will be longer at low temperatures.


Approximate Coverage:

Approx. 2m per Kg




Always check with flooring manufacturer re: any specific instructions requirements specifically relating to their flooring before fitting floors.

Do not use against bitumen or substrates that bleed oil or plasticizers

On vertical surfaces always provide temporary support until adhesive has dried (usually 24-48 hours depending on ambient temperature and humidity)

Do not use for overhead applications without mechanical fixings.

Do not use, store or allow to cure below +5°C.

Over paint ability as quality and type of paint can vary, always test compatibility before use.

Do not use as an adhesive for polythene safety backed mirrors.

When using on natural stone, always carry out a compatibility test as staining may occur on some.




Stixall Wall and Floor Adhesive Documents:

Stixall Technical Data Sheet

Stixall MSDS Safety Data Sheet


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