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Draper Tools

Draper Tools and Sealants and Tools Direct bring you a special selection of quality tools such as the Low Pro car jack to choose from.


We have been looking for a reliable car jack that can carry the serious weights and also handle the everyday needs from an all round car jack...

When we found the Draper Expert 2 Ton Low Pro Quick Lift Trolley Jack TJ2-PRO-C we found what we were looking for, and we know you will too.


Draper Tools started as a British Company run by Bert Draper in 1919. He sold government tools and surplus around the Kingston Upon Thames area of London and gained the trust of his patrons for guaranteed quality tools.

This became the branding of Draper and today it still stands as a mark of quality for tools.

They have been underpinned by the golden rule since 1919 - "Guaranteed Quality"


Check out our current selection below this description.


For more information regarding Draper products and their use or any other enquiry please contact us here at Sealants and Tools Direct

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