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Cornertape is a system to simplify masking tiled corners in bathrooms, kitchens or any smooth surface prior to the application of silicone sealant, the Cornertape Silicone Finishing and Removal toolsSealant Removal and Finishing tools and Cornertape Cleaning Wipes were all especially created to make the task easy.


Finally... As a manufacturer of innovative silicone and sealant products, CornerTape has made the difficult job of silicone and sealant application and removal super easy.



We also have a wide range of other silicone related products nozzles, blades, Sealant guns etc used to apply sealants accurately to a surface


Sealant and Tools Direct offer a numerous variety of sealant to suit your needs.


If you need any advice on choosing the right type, colour or quantity then contact us here

Or give us a call on 01626 333360 in the UK

(+44)1626 333360 outside the UK to get the best advice to match you with right product


Or take a look at the Silicone Sealant categories broken down into groups such as

Bathroom, Ral Coloured Sealant, Frame and construction Sealants.


For other products available from our site.


For our popular, professional and affordable sealant gun range to compliment your sealant choice.

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