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Byron is the largest manufacturer of door chimes in the United Kingdom.

It only seems fitting that our specialist buyers at Sealants and Tools Direct should source a specially selected set from the Byron ranges. See our Complete Chime Kit, Floodlights, and Door Bells below this description


Byron produce Door Bells suitable for a traditional country house to a modern new build, Byron has something for every type of home. Wire free door chimes have been around for a while, and Byron has always taken strides to be at the forefront of this technology, to get the best Door Bell products for an increasingly demanding market. Byron's were the first to manufacture a wire free rechargeable door chime, the first to have a wire free Bell in One, the first to have a vibrating door chime.


Byron boasts a full product range that includes Home Automation, CCTV, smoke alarms and more.


Over the next few months Sealants and Tools Direct wil be increasing our Byron product selection so please take a look at the Byron Web site in the link at the top of this description for upcoming and orderable products.


Other products available from our site at Sealants and Tools Direct


For our silicone sealant and sealant gun range.


For more information on our Byron selection and individual products, contact us

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