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Bahco Tools

Bahco is a European market leading brand of a wide range of professional hand held tools that include: Socket Sets, Combination spanners, Socket spanners, Screwdrivers, Adjustable wrenches, Cutters, Files, Pruning tools, Hacksaw frames and Blades.


Professional workman around the globe use BAHCO tools and have done so since 1886,

Bahco tools first began manufacturing saws under the brand “fisk-och-krok” (“Fish and Hook”). Later in 1888  J.P. Johansson invented the pipe wrench and then in 1892 the adjustable wrench. That spirit of innovation continues to flourish within their company and new lines and technology's are still being invented and put into place to increase speed efficiency and safety on the job.


Bahco products are manufactured in their own factories located across Europe this enables them to maintain the quality of their tools.


Over the years there have been many developments and Bahco remains the premium hand tool brand.


Bahco is SNA Europe’s a fully owned subsidiary of Snap-on group and is distributed in all continents.


Demonstration Video of the Bahco 1/2" 24 Piece Metric Socket Set



Bahco 1/4" socket set Video



Bahco 3/8" Socket Set Video Demonstration.



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Bahco 317 Hacksaw Frame 300mm 12 Inch
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