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3 in One


3 in 1 original Oil available from Sealants and Tools Direct expertise you can rely on.

Whether you are lubricating vehicles, tools, mechanical equipment or simply a pair of scissors, 3 in 1 Oil is the product for you.


We have the right oil lubricant product for you whether it is in spray (200ml) or can (100ml) form.


Established since 1894 by George W. Cole:


3-IN-ONE's unique set of ingredients enable it to lubricate, clean and protect metal surfaces.

3-IN-ONE's easy-to-use drip spout allows you to apply the product right where it's needed most.

3-IN-ONE oil also offers you different application solutions to treat your tools and home, office and sports equipment.


For all your lubricant needs


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For our silicone sealant and sealant gun range

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