Geocel Joiners Mate 5 min Polyurethane Wood Adhesive 1 Litre Box 6

Brand: Geocel
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1 Litre Box of 6


Option: Class D4

Barcode: 5033383015649

Geocel Joiners Mate 1 Litre Liquid wood adhesive.

Rapid curing water resistant polyurethane adhesive for joiners.

Moisture curing adhesive liquid expands slightly to increase bite strength.

Conforms to BS EN 204 Class D4 Class.

Joiners Mate Main Uses:

Versatile bonds wood, metal, concrete and various plastics

Ideal for all woodworking including construction of window and door frames, staircases, ladders, door manufacture, boat building and much more.

Maximum strength one part clear polyurethane

External and Internal use

5 minutes working time

Seawater proof


Resistant to acid and chemicals

Can be worked, shaped and painted

Geocel Adhesives

All Brands D4 Waterproof Wood Adhesives

Option Text 1 litre box of 6
Reference Code 6001564-6
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Geocel Joiners Mate Liquid Wood Adhesive Safety Data Sheet Download Attachment
Geocel Joiners Mate Liquid Wood Adhesive Technical Data Sheet Download Attachment

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