Geocel Crystal Clear Seal & Fix sealant and Adhesive Box of 12

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Geocel Crystal Clear Seal & Fix Adhesive Sealant

Trade Option: Box of 12

MPN: 6001523

Barcode: 5033383015236

Geocel Crystal Clear Seal & Fix a HIGH PERFORMANCE MS POLYMER SEALANT & ADHESIVE MS Polymer sealant and adhesive that offers excellent initial grab,

ensuring good sealing, bonding and fixing of most materials including wood, stone, concrete, metal, glass, plasterboard, tiles and brickwork.

Geocel crystal clear can be used internally and externally in all weather conditions and it is UV, weather resistant and damp tolerant,

will not shrink and is non staining, solvent free and can be over painted with water based paints immediately.

Seal and fix retains the powerful characteristics of fixer mate but cures to a stunning glass like crystal finish without misting or bluing.

Main Points:

Seals, bonds and fixes almost anything

High tack - rapid curing

Weather resistant & damp tolerant

Can be used for internal & external jobs

Permanently flexible

Non shrinking - Non staining

Solvent free

Can be over painted with water based paints immediately

Crystal Clear

Geocel Sealant Adhesive Multi-purpose Hybrids

All Hybrid Sealant Adhesives 

Option Colour Crystal Clear
Option Text box of 12
Reference Code 6001523
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