Geocel Auto RTV Silicone Rubber Sealant and Instant Gasket 310ml - BLACK

Brand: Geocel
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Geocel Auto RTV Silicone Rubber Sealant and Instant Gasket - 310 ml Cartridge

Colour: BLACK

Product Option:2939177

Barcode: 5413278161659

Geocel Auto RTV is a one part silicone rubber gasket sealant that is ideal for a wide variety of applications.

It cures to form a tough, waterproof and flexible rubber joint which will not shrink, crack or discolour.


Making permanent replacement gaskets, ceiling lamps, water hoses, Windows and windscreens, waterproofing joints and junctions,

Creating damping and anti-vibration seals.

General purpose sealing and bonding.

Auto RTV Benefits:

Fits in a standard Sealant Gun.

Fast Cure.

Non Slump.

Gloss Finish.

100% Silicone.

Cures to form flexible seals.

Ideal for forming Cast in place gaskets.

Solvent Free



Available Sizes:

310ml Sealant Gun Cartridge.

78g Hand Plunger Cartridge.

Geocel Auto Sealants

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Option Colour BLACK
Option Text 310ml
Reference Code 2939177
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Geocel Auto RTV Gasket Sealant Technical Data Sheet Download Attachment
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