Geocel AirBlock B2 Fire Rated Air Tight Acoustic Expanding Foam 750ml

Brand: Geocel
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Geocel AIRBLOCK Low Expansion Flexible Air Tight Acoustic Foam

MPN: 2940900

Barcode: 4019803080672

Geocel Airblock Creates a highly effective air tight barrier to help air seal buildings.

Fills voids & seals joints providing a huge improvement to energy efficiency.

Geocel Airblock Demonstration Video

The unique AIRBLOCK formula has low expansion during application minimising chances of distortion to frames etc

With a flexibility that retains the airtight seal during natural expansion or contraction of the building materials.

One component, moisture curing, polyurethane foam that forms an airtight and water resistant flexible seal.

Adheres to most common building materials including wood, concrete, brickwork, plaster, stone, plastic and metal surfaces.

Temperature resistance -40C to +100C

Has a B2 2hr Fire Rating

How to use Gun Grade PU Expanding Foam

Geocel Fire and Acoustic Expanding Foams

All Brands Acoustic Expanding Foam

Option Text 750ml
Reference Code 2940900
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