Doff Green Fingers Wild Flower Bee Butterfly Garden Seed Mix 1kg F-XJ A00 DGF

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Doff Green Fingers Wild Flower Bee Butterfly Garden Seed Mix 1kg


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Doff Green Finger Wild Flower Bee Butterfly Garden Seed Mix contains a mixture of beautifull natural lawn and border flowers

Creates a great enviroment fo natural wildlife gives a long period of colour due to the varied flower types.

Green finger wild flower mix contains a mixture of wildflower seeds which will help to attract beneficial insects and wildlife to your garden.

A wonderful mixture of wildflowers which will give any landscape a visually attractive mixture of colours while adding bio diversity.

The box is a mixture of seed sand and vermiculite.

Ideal uses are borders backdrops landscapes set aside areas of wild lawn orchard areas and individual planting schemes or companion planting, tubs empty patches and coverage of wasteland, can also be sown between shrubs.

Premium garden products area availableGreen Finger The full range of

  • Creates a great environment for natural wildlife
  • Brilliant for butterflies and pollinators
  • Direct sow from the box
  • Coverage up to 100 sqm
  • Great for bringing pollinators into vegetable and fruit gardens

Spring sowing times Febuary to June sow after all risks of frost have passed

Autumn sowing  September to early November best results in autumn are obtained from surface sowing or slightly under the surface.

Once open use within 1 season

1kg covers up-to 100 metres square

Box Size 1kg

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Reference Code F-XJ-A00-DGF

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