ForgeFix Panel Pins Bright 15mm 500g Bag 500NLPP15B

Brand: ForgeFix
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ForgeFix Panel Pin 15mm Nail 500g Bag

Barcode: 5028485044956



Forgefix 15mm Panel Pins ideal for lightweight & decorative tasks.

The shape of the pins helps to prevent splitting of hard or brittle timber.

The nails have a Bright finish.

Panel pins are thin nails with an inverted cone-shaped head which enters the wood cleanly.

Suitable for Joinery applications such as fixing decorative timber mouldings, fixing the backs on cupboards and wardrobes.

Generally used for for cabinet and joinery work such as, fixing the edge of skirting together.

Panel pins are fine and delicate but still provide strength when in place.

Option Text 15mm 500g
Reference Code 500NLPP15B

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