Feb Febmix Dh Mortar Plasticiser 250 sachets FBMIXDH

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Feb Febmix Dh MortarPlasticiser

Product Option: 250sachets



FEBMIX DH a very easy to use mortar plasticiserin a powder form for uses

as an alternative to lime or as a supplement tolime to aid mortar durability.

Fully Compliant with EN934/3.

FEBMIX DH will entrain microscopic air bubblesinto cement mortars in a

controlled manner and greatly enhances workingproperties with a reduced

demand for mixing water.

FEBMIX DH also improves frost resistance inboth freshly laid and hardened

mortars, as the microscopic air bubblesentrained provide space for

expansion of water due to freezing.

Typical Uses

For use as an admixture for mortars to improveworkability and frost resistance,

in both bricklaying and renderingapplications.

Features and Benefits of FebmixDH

Economical to use - reduced labour costs -reduced wastage - increased

spread rates.

Helps reduce efflorescence.

Reduces bleed and segregation in themix.

Improved bond.

Improves frost resistance.

Reduces shrinkage.

Easy to use 1 sachet to 1 bag ofcement


FEBMIX DH may be added directly into the mixingdrum after the addition of

sand or pre-mixed with the gaugingwater.

The use of FEBMIX DH pre-weighed sachetsintroduced directly to the mix

optimises control of dosage and minimiseswastage.


The action of FEBMIX DH is entirely physicaland therefore requires an

efficient mixing action.

If mixing is to take place by hand the mix mustbe well turned over to achieve

the maximum plasticising effect.


FEBMIX DH is added at the rate of 1 sachet per25Kg bag of cement.

Option Text 250 Sachets
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