Faithfull FPPSLLED20TB Bluetooth Speaker LED Work light Power Bank Tripod

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Faithfull BluetoothSpeaker LED Work light Power Bank





The Faithfull Power Plus Bluetooth CordlessTripod Site Light not only provides a convenient portable lead freelight source to illuminate your worksite.

You can listen to your favourite music or radiostation using its integral Bluetooth speaker system, via your smartphone, tablet, etc.

The site light also features a USB outletpowerbank function permitting you to recharge personal items suchas mobile phones and tablets using a compatible USBlead.

It can be used in conjunction with its tripodstand or as a freestanding pod light when working in enclosedspaces, with no need for a nearby power socket or trailingleads.

This truly portable site light can be used toprovide light and sound just about anywhere.

LED site lights provide a high light output, acool running temperature and a low power consumption, and provide along running time even when used with batteries.

LEDs are maintenance free and more resilient toimpact damage that can cause conventional halogen tubes to fail ifa light is hit or knocked over.

Approx. RunningTimes:

10% 12 hours, 50% 6 hours, 100% 3hours

Adjustable Height:

1150mm to 1800mm

Recharged Time:

4 hours

Supplied with:

1 x 7.4V 4400mAh Li-ion BatteryPack,

1 x 12V 1A Mains Charger

1 x 12V Car Charger

The Light can be detached and used on the flooror other flat surface such as a worktop.

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Faithfull Bluetooth Tripod SpeakerLight FPPSLLED20TB

Reference Code FPPSLLED20TB

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