Faithfull Pro 12 Large Compartment Organiser FAITBORG15

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Faithfull 12 Compartment Parts Removable Tray Organiser

Deals Unlocked TSCATBORG15


Barcode: 5023969311203

Product Description:

This Faithfull professional organiser features 12 x 8.5cm deep removable

storage compartments fitted in a sturdy carrying case.

Anti-shock corners for added protection.

Impact resistant clear polycarbonate lid enables easy identification of the

contents without opening the case.

Individual compartment may be removed to be refilled or taken to the workplace.

Compartments are securely sealed when the lid is closed and locked in place

using the aluminium locking clasps.

Fold flat carry handle allows compact storage.

This organiser is perfect for use by both professional workers or for home

storage solutions and is ideal for many hobbies by storing and organising

many different components in one place.

Faithfull Parts and Tool Organiser Demonstration Video:

Technical Specifications:

Length: 39cm.

Width: 40cm.

Height: 11cm

Option Text Deals Unlocked TSCATBORG15

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