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Expanding Foam

Little gaps in your doors and windows can make a big impact to the room's temperature. This is especially true during winter months, when people want to keep and maintain the heat inside their homes for comfort. Gaps from unreachable areas in your household can also allow uninvited insects to invade your property.



The good news is that there are expanding foam sprays that have the capacity to fill the gaps in the hard to reach areas of your home or office. With the help of this solution, every unwanted gap in your doors and windows is simply a spray away.



If you are looking for very affordable yet effective expanding foam products, contact Sealants & Tools Direct now. Not only providing the best kinds of sealants, we also ensure the comfort of every family with the help of expanding foams.


Take a look at the Demonstration how to Video's below:


How to use Expanding foam with a Gun.



How to use hand held Expanding foam from the can.