Everbuild Roof and Gutter Butyl Sealant 310ml Black

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Everbuild Roof and Gutter Butyl Sealant Black

Barcode: 5029347000172

MPN: Roof


A premium quality butyl rubber based sealant & adhesive that provides instant,

Permanent weather proofing to a wide variety of roofing applications.

Adheres to most common roofing materials Such as bitumen, asphalt, felt,

metals & wood.

Everbuild Roof and Gutter Benefits:

Incorporates polymer additives to improve adhesion

Can be applied in wet conditions, even under heavy rain.

Semi drying - remains permanently elastic beneath surface skin.

High solids formulation - excellent gap filling properties without shrinkage.

Excellent external weathering properties.

Areas for Use:

Fills & seals gaps cracks in most roofing applications.

Bonds to: concrete, roofing felt, lead, zinc, steel bitumen and masonry.

For bedding tiles slates & flashing into position.

Joint sealing on gutters & down pipes.

Sticking down loose roofing felt.

Joint sealing between corrugated asbestos cement and iron sheeting etc.

Product Limitations:

Do not use on glass

Do not use on upvc

Do not use internally

Surface Preparation:

The surfaces must be clean & free from dust grease and other contaminants.

New concrete or mortar should be allowed adequate time to dry and mature.

May be applied to wet surfaces.


For lap joints apply sufficient sealant to bridge the gap & press surfaces

together leaving a minimum 2mm sealant film.

When using as an adhesive, press surfaces together, pull apart and wait for

approximatley 10 minutes until sealant becomes tacky, then press together &

apply even pressure.

Clean tools in turps or white spirits.

Everbuild Information:

Everbuild Roof & Gutter Sealant Technical Data Sheet

Everbuild Roof & Gutter Sealant MSDS Safety Data Sheet

Manufacturer Product Page

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