Everbuild Resiblock Superior Matt Block Paving Sealer 20 Litre RBORIGNAT5-4

Brand: Resiblock
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Trade Option 20 litre 4 x 5 litre Tins

Everbuild ResiblockSuperior Matt Block Paving Sealer

Option Code: RBORIGNAT5-4

Trade Option Box of 4 x 5 litre tins Resiblock Superior Original Matt Finish solvent based, long lasting Paving coating that ensures there is no loss of jointing sand from pressure washing weathering or trafficking, Prevents weed and grass growth as well as food and drink stains, Resiblock Superior Original Matt can be used on either new or old paving to enhance the look and is ideal for use on concrete block paving, Solvent Based sealer used to bond jointing sand and seal the surface of concrete block paving, whilst retaining its normal flexural properties.

Available in a wet look or matt finish.

Ideal to bond jointing sand and seal the surface of concrete block paving.

Resistant to chipping and peeling.

Resists oil and diesel stains.

Prevents staining and fading.

Hard wearing, durable.

long lasting.

weather resistant.

Unaffected by water or ice.

Enhances lost colour in older paving.

Provides a water resistant bond.


All surfaces and jointing sand must be dry and free from dirt. Only apply when there is no risk of rain within the next 12 hours. Apply to new laid paving after initial 8 weeks and refurbished paving after 2 weeks. Apply to edges of paving with a paint brush and evenly to the main areas using a roller. 2 coats are required. Leave a minimum of 3 hours and a maximum of 24 hours between the first and second coats. Avoid walking on sealed areas for 3 hours after application and do not drive vehicles on the surface for 24 hours. Resiblock Superior will normally be touch dry within an hour and cure sufficiently in 3-6 hours (200C) to accept foot traffic. Full cure is achieved over 1-2 days. During initial drying period, keep children and pets away from the treated surfaces.

Very Important Notes

"Keep away from ponds

Do not return unused material to original containers.

DO NOT RESEAL or store partly used kegs.

Material so stored may have poor adhesion,Carbon Dioxide may generate and put the drum under pressure, which might rupture the drum.

Further-more partial or total solidification of the sealant may occur in a short period of time.

No smoking or naked flames to be allowed, as resiblock indian sandstone sealer colour enhancer is flammable.

RBORIGNAT5 Information:

Resiblock Superior Block Paving Sealer Matt Technical Data Sheet

Resiblock Superior Block Paving Sealer Matt Safety Data Sheet

Manufacturer Resiblock Superior Matt Block Paving Sealer Product page

"Important Note this is a non returnable product "

While in our care all products are kept in a climate controlled store room.

We recommend storing this product out of direct sunlight until used.

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Option Text 4 x 5 litre box
Reference Code RBORIGNAT5-4
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Resiblock Superior Block Paving Sealer Instructions Technical Data Sheet Download Attachment
Resiblock Superior Block Paving Sealer Matt Natural Safety Data Sheet Download Attachment

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