Everbuild Geo-Fix Paving Jointing Compound Buff - 44 Tub Pallet Deal

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Geo-Fix Video Demonstration see justhow easy it is to use.

Geo-Fix PavingJointing Compound Buff Pallet Deal 44 20kgTubs

Trade Product Option:GEOFIX20BF-44



Geo-Fix Paving Jointing Compound is a uniqueready to use self curing jointing material

Used for all types of paving which have jointsof 5mm and over.

Geo-Fix jointing compound is a quick and easyway of Pointing joint with no special machinery or equipmentrequired.

Suitable for natural stone, concrete, slate,clay, terracotta and granite

Can be used in areas subject to light vehiculartraffic.

Benefits & areas ofuse:

Pallet Deal.

Supplied ready to use.

No mixing required.

Simply brush into joints andcompact.

Cement free.

Non staining.

Sets hard wont crack or wash out.

Resists weeds and plant growth.

Totally weatherproof.

unaffected by frost.

For all joints of 5mm wide and over.

Water permeable allowing water toescape.


Outdoor patio areas.

Indoor stone floor areas.

Pedestrian areas.


Available Colours:



Pack Size:


Pallet Size:

44 Tubs

Also available in a wet weather format

Geo-Fix All Weather Paving Jointing Compound


Geo-Fix Technical Data Sheet

"Important Note this is a non returnableproduct

while in our care all products are kept in aclimate controlled store room.

because this is a reactive product we could notresell the product.

The Product should be stored out of directsunlight until used.

Option Colour Buff
Option Text 44 Tub Pallet Deal
Reference Code GEOFIX20BF-44
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Everbuild_Geo-Fix_Pointing_Compound_Technical_Datasheet.pdf Download Attachment

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