Everbuild Clear Fix Adhesive Sealant Crystal Clear C3 CLEARFIX3

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Everbuild Clear Fix Hybrid Polymer Grab Adhesive Clearfix Crystal Clear


Barcode: 5029347612931

Sika Everbuild CLEAR FIX in a C3 290ml cartridge, a one part chemically curing solvent free adhesive that Combines the best qualities of silicone & polyurethane technologies.

Suitable for external & internal perimeterpointing around doors and windows, Specially suited due to its strength on mobilestructures such as caravans and boats and will even stick underwater

Everbuild ClearFix Crystal Clear Hybrid Polymer Adhesive has the ability to bond just about everything for both interior and exterior applications without the need for nails or other fixings.

Clear Fix is the ideal choice for applications where transparency is required and where a coloured product might otherwise remain visible making it ideal for bonding mirrors to most building substrates, with added UV stabilisers to ensure the product doesn’t yellow over time.

ClearFix is a versatile product which can be used in almost every application imaginable even when immersed under water to bond metals, some plastics, glass, concrete, plaster, plasterboard, wood, enamel, painted surfaces and more.

This crystal clear hybrid polymer is quick-curing, resistant to temperature extremes, solvent free, Resistant to chemicals 10% dilute acids alkalis, petrol, most solvents, over paintable and totally water and weatherproof.

Clear Fix Benefits:

Very Clear

Incredible initial grab no slip

Good Filling properties.

High bonding strength

Interior and Exterior Use

Can be applied to Wet Surfaces

Totally Waterproof and Weatherproof

Quick Curing.

Over paintable if required

Solvent Free

Resistant to temperature extremes - 40 deg C to + 70 Deg C

CLEARFIX3 Data Information Sheets

Everbuild Clear Fix Technical Data Sheet

Everbuild Clear Fix Safety Data Sheet

Option Colour Crystal clear
Reference Code CLEARFIX3
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Everbuild Clear Fix Technical Instructions Data Sheet Download Attachment
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