Everbuild 711 Rapid Set FlexiPlus Tile Mortar Adhesive 20Kg RSPLUS

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Everbuild 711 RapidSet Wall & Tile Flexiplus Adhesive 20Kg


Product Option:RSPLUS


Cement-based polymer modifiedRapid setting properties powdered tile adhesive,

Specifically designed for same day fixingand grouting of ceramic floor and wall tiles.


Excellent water resistance.

Extremely high bond strength.

Rapid set same day fixing andgrouting.

Internal external use.

Large 20Kg bag.

Conforms to EN12004.

711 FlexiplusUses:

Suitable for constant immersion e.g.swimming pools.

May also be used for patching small areas inconcrete stone etc.

For securing floor and wall tiles to mostsurfaces

For heavy duty areas such as heavily walkedfloors

Recommended for tiling domestic, communaland power showers.

Important ProductInformation:

Do not use directly onto gypsum plaster(risk of expansion and failure)

Use EVERBUILD ready mixed adhesives.

Never add further water once the adhesivehas been mixed.

This will destroy the strength.

Always mix with EVERBUILD SBR when tiling on wooden floors

& floors with movement.

Do not walk on floors for 2-3 hours aftertiling.

Not recommended for use on glazed tiles andbricks, paint or metal surfaces

Everbuild RSPLUSDatasheets:

Everbuild 711 MSDS SafetyData Sheet

Everbuild 711 Technical DataSheet

Everbuild 711 Declaration of Performance

Everbuild711 Manufacturer Product Page

"Important Note this is a non returnableproduct

While in our care all products are kept in aclimate controlled store room.

We recommend storing this product out of directsunlight until used.

Option Text 20kg
Reference Code RSPLUS
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Everbuild_711_Rapid_Tile_Adhesive_Safety_Datasheet.pdf Download Attachment
Everbuild_711_Rapid_Tile_Adhesive_Technical_Datasheet.pdf Download Attachment
Everbuild_711_Rapid_Tile_Declaration_Of_Performance.pdf Download Attachment

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