Everbuild 501 PVA Bond Sealer Adhesive Additive 2.5 litre PVA2

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Everbuild 501 PVA Bond 2.5 Litre

Product Option: PVA2

Barcode: 5029347005122


Everbuild PVA Bond has been designed specifically for use in the building

industry as a general purpose bonding agent, and additive for concrete and

plasters and as a multi-use adhesive.

Everbuild 501 Benefits:

Greatly improves adhesion to a wide range of substrates including dense

concrete, glass, steel, tiles etc.

Mixes may be applied in much thinner sections resistance to salt permeation.

Reduces surface dusting of concrete

Improves flexibility of sand cement products.

Reduced water: cement ratio for equivalent workability

Improved frost resistance

Reduces surface porosity of mortar plaster etc

PVA2 Datasheets:

Everbuild PVA Bond Technical Data Sheet

Everbuild PVA Bond MSDS Safety Data Sheet

Everbuild PVA Bond Manufacturer Page

Option Text 2.5 Litre
Reference Code PVA2
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Everbuild_501_PVA_Bond_Safety_Datasheet.pdf Download Attachment
Everbuild_501_PVA_Bond_Technical_Datasheet.pdf Download Attachment

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