Everbuild 408 Super Seal Water Repellent Sealer 5 Litre Box of 4

Brand: Everbuild
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Trade Option BOX OF 4

408 Everbuild Super Seal Repellent Sealer 5 Litre

Option: WALLSEAL5-4

Barcode: 5029347606817

Trade Option Everbuild 408 Super Seal is a High performance and specially formulated to provide a water repellent finish.

Offers improved water beading when compared to other products.

Can be applied by spray, brush, mop or roller.

Penetrates deep into the treated area and chemically bonds to the surface,

Provids a long lasting effective water repellencey for many years.

Unaffected by ultra violet light

Solvent based

Transparent water repellent

Improved durability and beading effect.

Solvent based, quick drying formula.

Works on most common mineral surfaces.

Deep penetrating formula.

Compatible Surfaces:








Walls, Floors, Roof Tiles etc.

Everbuild Datasheets:

Everbuild 408 Super Seal Technical Datasheet

Everbuild 408 Super Seal MSDS Safety Datasheet

Everbuild 408 Manufacturers Product Page

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Reference Code WALLSEAL5-4
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Everbuild 408 Super Seal Sealer Safety Data Sheet Download Attachment
Everbuild 408 Super Seal Sealer WALLSEAL5 Technical Data Sheet Download Attachment

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