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                         Available in different sizes and shapes, the various batteries that are available from sealants and Tools Direct can be fitted in watches, fairy lights and torches, remote controls and any other equipment that relies on battery power.


Our range of battery products includes primary or disposable batteries, secondary or rechargeable batteries and also battery chargers.


For primary and secondary batteries we stock the Bossman Super Heavy Duty 6V Lantern Batteries and Duracell Plus Alkaline Batteries that are available in AA and AAA, Power Sizes C and D and Plus Power 9V.


We have the following battery chargers available:


  • Faithfull Battery Charger 8 Amp 6 & 12 Volt 9-112ah
  • Milwaukee C12c M12 Lithium-Ion Battery Charger 12 Volt
  • Milwaukee M12 M12B2 Red Lithium Ion Battery 12 Volt
  • Milwaukee M12-18c Multi Battery Charger M12 12v M18 18v
  • Milwaukee M18 M18B2 Red Lithium-Ion Battery 18 Volt
  • Milwaukee M18 M18B4 Red Lithium-Ion Battery 18 Volt
  • Milwaukee M18 M18BX Red Lithium-Ion Battery 18 Volt


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DURACELL Duralock AA Battery 4 PACK
£3.58 inc. VAT