Doff Growmore Multi-Purpose Plant Feed Fertiliser 2kg FMBB00DOF01

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Doff Growmore Multipurpose Plant Food 2kg FMBB00DOF01

MPN: EZ031

Barcode: 5013655213140

Doff Grow more granular a traditional fertiliser a ready and easy to use fertiliser ideal for use all around the garden.

Growmore is a plant food that can be used as a top dressing or a base dressing also ideal as a general plant food to keep plants in tip top condition.

Provides nutrients for the growth of healthy plants and also encourages rapid establishment of new plants.

Grow more for use on plants such as root crops, shrubs, fruit, potatoes, new lawns and general garden use.

Directions for use:

It is recommended to wear gloves when sprinkling this product and wash hands after use.

Spread grow more evenly hoe and water in.


Potatoes prior to planting use 200g per metre square.

Other vegetables 140g per square meter.

Top dressing for established plants apply at 8 to 10 week intervals 70g per meter square.

Shrubs, fruit trees and bushes 70 to 140g into the infill depending on the size of the plant.

New lawns use 140g per meter square tilled into the top 8cm of soil before sowing grass seed.

Doff Garden and House Plant Feed.

All Manufacturers Plant Feed and fertiliser.

Reference Code F-MB-B00-DOF-01
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Doff Growmore Garden Fertiliser Safety Data Sheet Download Attachment

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