Doff Ready To Use Path Patio Decking Cleaner 3 Litre FNDC00DOF03

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Doff Super Ready to Use Path Patio &Decking Cleaner 3 Litre

Product Code:F-ND-C00-DOF-03



The Doff Super Ready to Use mould and mildewPath, Patio & Decking

Cleaner can be used to clean mould, mildew andalgae from most hard

outdoor surfaces including

paths, tarmacs, patios, fencing anddecking.

No scrubbing is required simply apply thesolution for long lasting results

Effectively starts to remove green mouldwithin 24hrs and continues to clean

exposed surfaces for weeks.

No scrubbing, no rinsing simply apply andwalk away.

Long lasting results.

Coverage is approximately 1 litre per 20meters square.

Apply by clean brush or apply using awatering can in dry conditions.

Do not rinse leave to work.

Will also remove dirt such as bird droppingsand light fatty deposits.

Application can be repeated without damagingthe surface.

Please note this is a mould mildew and algaecleaner not a brick acid

or oil cleaner.

Always read label prior to use.

Reference Code F-ND-C00-DOF-03

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