Doff Plant Perlite Aerates Compost For healthy Plants 8L F-WK-H00-DOF

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Doff Plant Perlite Aerated Compost For healthy Plants 8 Litre


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Doff Perlite planting media additive promotes healthy root growth.

Perlite is formed by the hydration of volcanic obsidian rock, naturally produced under high temperatures.

Perlite expands when heated and retains air and when cooling.

This makes it the ideal product to improve drainage and aeration whilst retaining enough moisture.

It is an ideal material to mix with potting compost and for rooting cuttings.

Mixing with compost creates air channels which aid with drainage and improve uptake of moisture and nutrients.

Perlite also provides insulation for healthy seed germination.

We all know that plants require soil aeration, nutrition and water to thrive. If you find that your garden soil is lacking in any or all of these arenas, there

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