Doff Outdoor Cleaning Fluid & Drain Deodoriser 1 Litre F-NE-A00-DOF

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Doff Outdoor Cleaning Fluid Concentrate

Size: Large 1Litre


Barcode: 5013655214536

Doff Outdoor Cleaning Fluid is an easy-to-use concentrate, used to remove mold, mildew and algae.

It can be used on decking wood surfaces paths patios and other outdoor hard surfaces.

No rinsing or scrubbing required, just apply and walk away leave the product to do the business over time.

Contains benzalkonium chloride.

Doff Outdoor Cleaning Fluid has a powerful disinfectant formula for breaking down odor causing bacteria.

Unblocks drains, cleans paths, patios, plant pots prior to use, garden furniture, bins and greenhouses.

Cleans and disinfects dog kennels and animal hutches.

Doff Outdoor path Patio and decking Cleaners

Surface Coatings Treatments and Cleaners

Option Text SNEA00DPF
Reference Code F-NE-A00-DOF

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