Detail Sander Pads Sheets

For finer sanding tasks you need good quality products that will allow you to sand the material and achieve the best result. These versatile sander sheets from Sealants and Tools Direct are made from aluminium oxide. Sterated sanding pads are often finer than traditional types of sanding tools, making them perfect for those that require a finer grade of sanding material. They are suitable for use on complex areas or for cleaning wood, glass and metal. You can also use them to carefully remove varnish, rust and paint. The sanding sheets are available in two options, a stearated triangle detail sander sheet and the classic hook and loop detail sander sheet. The sheets can be bought in packs, usually of 10 although you can buy them in larger packs if you use them frequently as part of your work. If you need high-quality sanding sheets for detail sanders, you should be able to find everything you need on our website. We carefully source all of our products to make sure that they are the standard that we expect, and our customers require. Our company has built an excellent reputation for providing building, construction and decorating tools, equipment and accessories and we intend to maintain this for many years to come by continuing to serve our customers with the very best products. Find out more about our detail sander pads by clicking on the products of interest or if you have any questions, please contact our team.