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Everbuild X3 Paint & Varnish Stripper Remover 500ml STRIPX05

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Everbuild X3 Paint & Varnish Stripper Remover 500ml STRIPX05
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Everbuild X3 Paint & Varnish Stripper Remover 500ml STRIPX05






Everbuild X3 Paint Varnish stripper

Product Option: 500ml STRIPX05


Extremely effective non Methylene Chloride paint stripper Remover ideal for use by DIY or professional users.

The non-caustic formulation is simple and easy to use both indoors and out.


Notes Benefits:

Works on all common types of paint and varnish. 

Removes up to 3 layers of paint per application.

Non flammable

Non drip formula.

Methylene Chloride free.

Shake container well before use.

May not work on some hardened paint types


Product Applications:

Wear protective gloves. Pour a quantity of X3 Triple Action Paint & Varnish Stripper into a suitable container.

For each application apply a generous even coat onto the surface to be stripped with a suitable brush,

leave for approximately 30 minutes and apply a second coat.

For areas where there are less than 5 layers of paint or varnish, a second coat may not always be necessary.

Allow the stripper to work for at least one hour then check to see how far it has penetrated

depending upon the paint type the stripper will remove between 3-5 coats per dual coat application after approximately one hour.

Once the stripper has penetrated to the substrate or the initial 3-5 layers of paint, scrape off using a scraper or shavehook depending on surface, leaving surface as clean as possible.

For multiple layers repeat application until all paint has been removed, then rub down stripped area using a scrubbing brush or stainless steel pad and water. Rinse with water and allow to dry.




Everbuild X3 MSDS Safety Data Sheet

Everbuild X3 Technical Data Sheet


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