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Everbuild Graffiti Remover 400ml GRAFF Box Of 12

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Everbuild Graffiti Remover 400ml GRAFF Box Of 12
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Everbuild Graffiti Remover 400ml GRAFF Box of 12





Everbuild Graffiti Remover 400ml Box of 12

Trade Product Option: GRAFF-12

Graffiti Remover is a low odour, spray applied liquid designed to safely remove paint, felt tip and biro marks left by vandals.

Everbuild Graffiti Remover may be use on both horizontal & vertical surfaces.

Aided by its slow evaporation rate, graffiti remover penetrates deeply

After a few minutes, marks are easily and safely removed by rinsing with water

Suitable for use on most common surfaces including brick, stone, metals, concrete and most plastics.


Product Application:

Shake the can and spray directly and liberally onto affected area.

Allow time to penetrate two minutes to 1 hour depending on type of stain then wipe away graffiti and rinse area with water.

For stubborn stains, dry area and repeat process.

Always test painted or coated surfaces plastics for compatibility prior to full application.


Product Datasheets:


Technical Data Sheet

MSDS Safety Data  Sheet


Product Option:


Everbuild Graffiti Remover Spray Paint Marker Pen Ink 400ml


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box of 12