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Everbuild Roll & Stroll Contract Carpet Protector 50m ROLLCON50

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Everbuild Roll & Stroll Contract Carpet Protector 50m ROLLCON50
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Everbuild Roll & Stroll Contract Waterproof Carpet Protector 50m


Everbuild Roll & Stroll Contract Carpet Protector 50m ROLLCON50

Everbuild Roll & Stroll Contract Carpet Protector 50m

Product Code: ROLLCON50

Barcode: 5029347606206


Self adhesive carpet protector.

Totally waterproof, Roll & Stroll protects against expensive to clean spillages

on carpets.

Safer than dust sheets, no trip risk

Will not creep and wrinkle after application. Stays where it is put.

Due to the adhesive being reverse wound, Roll & Stroll is easy to apply

with minimum effort.

Also perfect to protect your carpets against Party Spills.

Ideal for protecting against mess, dirt, staining, spillages and soiling that occurs

during painting & Building Work.

Roll & Stroll is ideal for protecting stair carpets.

Can be used for commercial and domestic applications.

Easily removed, will not leave a sticky residue.

Can be left for up to 4 weeks.

Important Product info:

This product is for application to carpets, DO NOT use on hard surfaces.

Use Roll and Stroll Hard Surface Protector.

Obviously, adhesion will be reduced on dusty surfaces.

Vacuuming or mopping prior to use is recommended.

must be removed after a maximum of 4 weeks

to prevent a sticky residue being left.

In heavily trafficked areas or where air temperature

exceeds 220Cremove after 1 week maximum.

Do not use underfloor heating whilst product is in situ.

Notes on Application:

Ensure surfaces to which ROLL & STROLL is to be applied are clean sound, dust free and dry. Remove outer packaging from roll. Place roll on the floor facing the direction it is to be applied and unwind approx 12 inches (300mm) of material. Ensure the roll is stuck by smoothing out by either hand or foot. Simply push roll forward using hands or feet ensuring roll goes in a straight line. Smooth out with hands or feet as it unwinds. A very effective way of laying Roll and Stroll is to push the roll along with a soft broom/brush using the brush to smooth out and remove air bubbles as it unwinds.

Everbuild ROLLCON50 Official Information:

Everbuild Contractor Roll & Stroll Technical Data Sheet

Everbuild manufacturer Contractor Roll & Stroll Product Page


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