Bulk Dumpy Bag Medium Size Heavy Duty Builders Garden

Brand: Sealants and Tools Direct
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Garden Builders Mini Bulk Dumpybag HeavyDuty

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Very Tough multi use bag that can be used onsite in the garden around the home or even in the boot of thecar.

Suitable for heavy use very durable can be usedfor storing sand, rubble, garden waste or stacking logs.

When stacking logs the bags can be placed ontopof each other making the best use of the space.

Multi use Mini Bulk Bag.

Stitched surround completely.

High strength polypropylene fabric withreinforced bottom.

Durable and Reusable can be washed out with ahose.

Very strong handles that wrap completley aroundthe bag for extra strength.

Aproximate size

450 x 450 x 450mm approximatley half the size of a standard Dumpy bulkbag

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