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Everbuild 903 Black Jack Bitumen Trowel Mastic 1 Litre - 90301

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Everbuild 903 Black Jack Bitumen Trowel Mastic 1 Litre - 90301
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Everbuild Black Jack 903 Bitumen Trowel Mastic 1 Litre - 90301



Everbuild 903 bitumen trowel mastic 90301



Everbuild 903 Trowel Mastic 1 Litre

MPN: 90301

Barcode: 5029347009311

Product Description:

Trowel applied black heavily filled fibre re-enforced bituminous compound

used primarily for patching holes in roofs and bituminous coatings.

The product forms a surface skin, but the mass below remains soft to allow for resonable movement.


Everbuild 903 Benefits & Uses:

Fast drying.

Suitable for use with all bituminous surface coatings

Remains flexible for long periods after application.

Waterproofing, stopping, bedding, bonding and sealing.

Adheres to & fills holes in: mastic asphalt, roofing felt, corrugated iron, cast iron, fibre cement, slates, lead, copper, zinc, concrete, timber.



Everbuild Black Jack 903 Bitumen Trowel Mastic is ready for use and should not be thinned.

Apply by steel trowel or putty knife.



Force the compound into the crack finishing with a 25mm band at a 3mm thickness running the length of the crack so your bridging the crack.

For large cracks & holes, apply the compound over the area to be treated and embed a closely woven glass fibre membrane into the compound overlap the crack or hole by 50mm.

Allow to dry and then apply a second coat, fully covering the reinforcing membrane.



If a roof sheet is cracked, clean and prime with Bitumen Flashing Primer



Tools may be cleaned by using white spirit.



3 Litres per meter square at 2mm thick


Everbuild 903 Datasheets:


Technical Data Sheet

MSDS Safety Data Sheet


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