Sika Patio Seal Clear Paving Sealer 5 Litre SKPAT5

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Sika Patio Seal 5 Litre Paving Stone Sealer


Sika Code: 115338

Barcode: 5055047206354

Sika Patio Seal is a easily to apply water based sealer and appearance enhancer.

Used for new and recently cleaned paving and slabs.

A white liquid that dries clear and leaves a sheen finish.

Sika patio seal dramatically improves water and mark resistance and leaves a high degree of water repellency also contains a fungice to prevent unsightly green growth.

Patio Seal Uses:

Ideal for all types of both new and recently cleaned concrete and stonework.

Suitable for Vehicle and pedestrian areas, Driveways, Patio and leisure areas, walkways and paths.


Simple and quick to apply.

Low odour.

Enhances appearance.

Sheen Finish.

Built in fungicide to help prevent algea growth

Easily cleaned with a simple detergent wash.

Provides a long-lasting protective barrier to general dirt, grime and algae.

Approximate consumption:

5 to 6 meters square per litre depending on porosity of substrate.


Sika Patio Sealer Technical Data Sheet

Sika Patio Sealer Safety Data Sheet

Manufacturer Sika Patio Seal Product Page

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"Important Note this is a non-returnable product

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We recommend storing this product out of direct sunlight until used.

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Sika Patio Seal Sealer Safety Data Sheet Download Attachment
Sika Patio Seal Sealer Technical Data Sheet Download Attachment

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